Here we are;

Living in a coastal town, Jeffrey’s Bay, a popular holiday destination the world over, is such a privilege. This town has become our home over the past fifteen years, and it has been an inspirational part of our journey.

My former team shared with me that I am a friendly person and mentioned that it is easy to work alongside me. There was only one thorn in my side; As the head of a pet-food company letting my pets sleep outside in kennels didn’t seem appropriate.

Fast forward three years: “Noodle”, our first Dachshund arrived and transformed me into a true ‘dog lover’.

Meet Noodle and Tienkie, our four-footed children. They have taken over the bed, it is theirs now.

I am Louis Muller. My lovely wife, Laurena, and I have been married for 22 years, our two children are Michael and Margaret. Michael is currently studying at the University of Potchefstroom and Margaret will be in grade 11 in 2020.

Of course, Noodle and Tienkie are our favourite four-footed children.

Laurena and I have always dreamt of working together independently as a team.

I started my career as a sales representative for Afgri in the dairy industry 21 years ago. During my time with the company, I was fortunate to be involved in manufacturing many different brands as well as managing the Jock brand as head of the pet food division.

While I was working for Afgri my wife, Laurena taught for a while, but with two toddlers at home and having to relocate a few times, she became a full-time mom and sold pet food to generate income.

Our dream became a reality in July 2017 when DOGSENSE, a registered pet food brand, went up for sale. After many prayerful nights, we took this leap quitting a corporate job after nearly 20 years.

We are still proudly associated with Afgri as a co-manufacturer. Dogsense is a small close-knit company. We focus on quality products, personal relationships with clients and, most of all, the enjoyment of sharing a wonderful product that allows people to have healthy happy pets.

Coming together is a beginning

Staying together is progress

And working together is success

                                 – Henry Ford

    Meet the team or rather members of the “extended family”