Active Adult Cats

Nutritionally Balanced & Complete

The ONLY “meow!”

Catsense products have been made with extreme care using the best ingredients to give every cat the best meal experience possible. Cats are very picky eaters. After extensive testing, to make sure that the food was palatable, we have reached a success rate of over 90%. Catsense food is tasty!

The premium cat food is packaged in a box, the ideal toy for your furry friend.


Cereals* (min 10% rice), meat & animal derivatives (min 14% chicken), cereal by-products, vegetable protein extracts, oils & fats, yeasts, palatability enhancers, minerals, acidifiers, vitamins, amino acids, taurine and approved antioxidants (* May contain GMO)

Available in 2 kg & 500 g

Daily Feeding Amounts (g/day)

2-3 kg = 35 – 60
3-4 kg = 50 – 60
4-5 kg = 60 – 75
6-10 kg = 85 – 120

Complete & Balanced Nutrition
helps support health and vitality.

Natural wholesome ingredients
with added essential vitamins
and minerals.

Taurine is added to help maintain
a healthy heart and vision.

Added Acidifiers prevent urinary and bladder infections.