Every family needs a four-legged friend to keep them grounded. At DOGSENSE, we celebrate life and all the tail-wagging, face-licking fun that goes along with it.

Our food is formulated by a professional animal nutritionist to ensure that your furry family member gets all the goodies he or she needs to enjoy life to the fullest as permanent part of your team.

Quality and Personal Service!

Dogsense Dogfood has developed three beautiful ranges that will suit the individual needs. It has also explored the world of our cat friends and are proud to present CATSENSE!

Why you should buy Dogsense Dogfood!

by Louis Muller | Owner Operator

My 13 year old maltese has a very sensitive skin, prone to eczema, hot spots, to name a few. Katie-Malu had been on a special imported vet food diet and we ran out, the vet assistant said they were waiting for customs clearance. I popped in at the pet shop who gave me a sample of Dogsense to try. Katie-Malu loves it, will even eat it dry. We are now on the third bag, she has had no skin reaction, there has been no need to visit the vet in a while. I highly recommend Dogsense.

Colleen Wearne

Best friend - Katie-Malu (Maltese)

When my pups came to us we had an inferior dog food that left us with allot of mess and struggle. Three months later I was told about Dogsense. Just a couple of days into using it we saw a profound change in our pups stool, energy and general happiness. I recommend it to everyone. Even converted a couple of friends. You just can’t go wrong with their dog food, and at such a great price too!

Wayne Fivaz

Owner of very happy dogs

My two Pekingese definitely stand rooted in their ancestry of being extremely picky eaters. They even refused to eat certain “high-class” vet brands. After meeting the owner and heard the heart of Dogsense, I gave it a go. These two immediately liked it and gobbled it up. It is an affordable, high-quality brand. I will gladly recommend it to anyone.

Linda van Aswegen

Happy tummy happy mummy