I’m a big dog. People think I’m a tough guy but deep down I’m just a big old softy who loves to spend time with my human team. Which is why I need all the good stuff to give me the energy to spread the love all day long. Is it food time yet?

Adult Dog Large Breed

Premium dog food for large adult dogs

The big “BAU- BAU!”

This product is developed for the large-breed, adult dog. It is comparative to most premium products, a combination of consistent high-quality ingredients ensures maximum digestibility at all times. Because of the high digestibility, a smaller amount of the product is consumed.

Poultry, rice, and sugar-beets are mostly used in the premium range. The addition of 400 milligram of Chondroitin and Glucosamine, naturally occurring supplements, aids in the prevention of joint problems from an early stage in life.


Rice, maize*, poultry meal, wheat bran, poultry oil, porcine meal, maize gluten, beet pulp, palatability enhancer, salt, potassium chloride, organic minerals, vitamins and approved antioxidants (* May contain GMO)

Available in 1.5 & 20 kg

Homely dogs (g/day)

Large (30-45 kg)
= 385 – 525
Giant (50-80 kg)
= 565 – 805

Active dogs (g/day)

Large (30-45 kg)
= 525 – 710
Giant (50-80 kg)
= 770 – 1095

Senior dogs (g/day)

Large (30-45 kg)
= 330 – 450
Giant (50-80 kg)
= 485 – 695

Obese dogs (g/day)

Large (30-45 kg)
= 300 – 410
Giant (50-80 kg)
= 445 – 630

Linoleic acid for Skin & Coat

A Digestive fibre for improved intestinal function

Optimal amino acid profile and calcium to phosphorus ratios

Glucosamine & chondroitin – Joint support